I am an Individual, and need to purchase tickets for myself, family, or friends.
Circle of Ash: The Haunt
  • At the gate: General Admission, Fast Pass, and VIP tickets are available at the gate on all performance dates. THERE IS NO NEED TO PURCHASE ONLINE FOR GENERAL ADMISSION.
  • Online Ticketing: You may purchase premium tickets and packages for 'The Haunt' online in advance of a show. This will let you skip ticket booth lines on busy nights. Tickets are sold via Ticket Leap at the link below.
Show that require tickets purchased online:
It is required that you purchase your tickets online for the following shows. Tickets are NOT available the day of the event and are NOT available at the gate.
  • Halloween Homicide
  • Osborn Experience - Halloween!
  • Lockdown Haunted House
  • Midnight Ghost Hunt
Tickets for all shows except 'The Haunt - General Admission' can be purchased here:

I need to register a group
Registering a group outing at Circle of Ash is fun and easy, and can save you - and us - a ton of time! Before your register your group, please make sure your group qualifies:
Group Registration Requirements:
  • Group rates are valid only on Friday or Sunday evenings.
  • Groups are parties of 20 or more.
  • All members of a group must attend on the same date, at the same time.
  • Each group has a clearly defined leader, with full contact information.
  • Groups pay in one transaction with either cash or credit card.
  • Groups may pay with personal, business, or organization check no later than 10 business days prior to the date you attend.
  • Group rates are for general admission only.
  • Group rate without canned food contribution: $11/each
  • Group rate with canned food contribution per person: $10/each
  • Canned food donations are all or nothing - each attendee must donate one canned food item.
  • No other discounts can be used in conjunction with group rates.
  • Groups must be registered at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to the date you plan on attending.
Group Registration Form
Organization Name:
Contact First Name:
Contact Last Name:
Contact Email Address:
Contact Phone Number:
Number of Guests:
Date your group will attend (YYYY-MM-DD):
Will bring canned food item per guest?
Payment Method:
Questions or Instructions:
I am a corporate customer, and need to purchase a block of tickets for my employees.
Circle of Ash is proud to provide block ticketing for our corporate customers. This program allows you to provide fun team building entertainment or makes great gifts for your team members and their families. Block ticketing requires a minimum purchase of 30 tickets, but the passes are good at any time and your may break them up into smaller groups as you see fit.
Corporate Block Ticketing Requirements:
  • A minimum of 30 tickets must be purchased. If you need less than that, consider our group rate program.
  • Corporate rates are paid in advance via either check or credit card.
  • Corporate rates are for general admission only.
  • Corporate rate is: $10/each
  • No other discounts can be used in conjunction with corporate rates.
Corporate Block Ticketing Form
Company Name:
Contact First Name:
Contact Last Name:
Contact Email Address:
Contact Phone Number:
Number of Guests (minimum of 30):
Payment Method:
Questions or Instructions:
I am an employee of a Partner businesses, have won tickets online or on the radio, or have an access code.
Circle of Ash business and advertising partners receive special consideration for employees of the partner to attend Circle of Ash at reduced rates. Your manager, store manager, station manager, or business owner has been provided with a special code that allows employees or ticket winners access to this system and it should have been communicated to you. Please enter the access code below to begin the process of claiming your tickets.
Partner Ticket Request System
Access Code: